Custom Oval Coffee Table and End Tables

This project was designed and built for a good friend of mine from Denmark. She looked everywhere for a Danish style coffee table that is light in color, solid wood, oval, and unconventional legs. This table has a solid maple top and maple laminate legs with MDF cores. This beautiful coffee table will last a lifetime. The two  matching endtables round out the set.

Living room for siteCofee Table and End Table for siteEnd Tables for site


 Custom Built-In Entertainment Center

In addition to woodworking, I do branch out into handyman projects when they are part of the job. In this photo, you can see a maple fireplace insert. This customer wanted to get rid of her fireplace and mount a plasma TV on her wall with all the bells and whistles. The custom shelving fits in the old fireplace cutout and fits her components exactly. All wiring was run through the walls and behind the maple insert.

Fireplace and TV Mounted for site