Personalized Wall Letters

My good friend and his family have an acronym “MDSP” that they hold very dear. For a wedding gift to his wife, he asked me to make a sign using various wood species that can hang in their living room.

The first set of letters were made for our daughter out of solid pupleheart. Yes, the color you see is the natural color of the wood. The set on the bottom were recently made for our son out of blue mahoe. The font used for both sets is comic sans, we found that this has a real fun look to it!

Madison for site 1




Hudson for Site

Below is a set of letters made for our niece. I chose a different font as the classic look of “lucida calligraphy” combined with the rich color of paduk made for a very beautiful set of wall letters.

Daniella 2


Below is a set of letters made for a friend. She chose the font which turned out to be too narrow and brittle to leave individual so the back plate was added for a lifetime of hanging and moving. She wanted milk paint and an antique “crackle” look which made sense to use MDF rather than a hardwood. The MDF is more stable and takes milk paint well.

Lucy Letters