Doll Bench Swing

My Daughter asked for a swing for her birthday for her two special dolls “Anabelle and Grace”. The frame is built of Poplar and the bench swing is made of MDF. This is a very quick build. My wife is credited with the detail painting. The first picture shows it pre-paint.

doll swing (2)doll swing (3)doll swing (1)


Doll Bunk Beds

After the successful build of the doll swing, my daughter realized that the babies need a place to sleep after a long day. Here you will see a simple, but strong, bunk bed set built custom for the 14 inch dolls. The frame is general construction grade lumber and the headboard/footboard are MDF. A little bit of material stapled around the beds makes for a completed look that will stand the years of use. To date, this remains un-painted.

Bunk bed 1Bunk bed 2