Butcher Block Kitchen Counter Top
A very good friend of mine purchased this butcher block counter top from a local distributor. It was unfinished with square corners and edges. He asked me if I would round the corners, put a rounded profile on the edges, and finish it with a food-safe protective clear coat. Here are two pictures of the finished product mounted on the kitchen island and one closeup of the corner and profile.

Counter top 1Counter top 2Counter top 3


Kitchen Aluminum Foil Dispenser
This is a nice space saver! This is a simple box with door. Two hack saw blades are mounted on the bottom of the door to cut the aluminum foil when it is pulled up.

foil holder 1

This is the finished product when mounted and closed.

foil holder 2

Here is the finished product before mounting. I used scrap 2×3 dimensional lumber for spacers to close the gap under the cabinet.

foil holder 3