Crib, Changing Table

Crib, Changing Table/Dresser, Glider, and Bookshelf

This set was built for my daughter in 2010 and then passed down to my son in 2012. The entire set is now being used by a family in Hawaii. We miss it, but are happy that it has found a great home whose family will love it as much as we did.

All of these pieces are part of the same set. All solid maple with a redwood stain. Pieces are available separately. Below is a closeup picture of each piece.  Click on picture for larger view.

Crib for Site glider and bookcase for site.

   Glider and Chair for Site

Crib and Changing Table



Block Style Toy Box

                        Tot box for siteTiy box for site 2


This was designed and built for a friend’s newborn daughter. It includes her initials KMR and her birthdate of 7-20. Made of Maple and Black Walnut.