Wooden Bracelet

This one is made of Wenge and Birds Eye Maple. The Native American style design was not intentional, I just staggered the wood species to try to achieve a swirl pattern. The result was a nice surprise.

Native bracelet (1) Native bracelet (2) Native bracelet (4) Native bracelet (5)


Happy 8th Anniversary to my wife Samantha. This bracelet was made of Sapele, Purpleheart, and Maple. The inscription is woodburned. This was done by sandwiching about fifteen 1/16th inch sheets in alternating patterns and then turned on the lathe. I like the way it looks so much I am working on one for myself.

BraceletBracelet 2 Bracelet 3

This is my personal bracelet I made myelf. I still feel it is a work in progress as I may woodburn something on it, just haven’t decided what yet. The woods are Black Walnut on the sides, followed by a series of yellowheart, purpleheart and bloodwood layers. I hope you like it.

bracelet 3.2

bracelet 4