Wooden Train

A while back I built a personalized train from my mother where the cars spelled the names of each of her kids and grandkids. It was about 30 feet long. When my nephew saw it, he loved it and wanted to play with it. He was more interested in how long it was than anything. So that he could have his own “kid-friendly” train with the same length, I found a design from a train at Toys R Us and mass produced the cars. It is about 20 foot long. The colored blocks come off and stack. I have asked for it for my 3 year old son, but he still plays with it as a young teenager…goes to show how some of the simplest toys are timeless.

Train for Site

Solid Wood Bridge for Large Trucks

My son loves trucks….the bigger the better. The noisier the better too! This past Christmas, Santa brought him a very large and very noisy firetruck that he loves. Recently he asked me for a bridge that they could go over. This one was built of scrap material I had on hand, mostly construction grade lumber. It weighs enough that it does not slide on the ground, but not too heavy to move from room to room. He loves this thing….

Bridge 1Bridge 2