Ironman Commemorative Trophies

Below are various Ironman trophies purchased by customers in various states after finishing the Ironman. Some of them had prior races under their belts, so the times of all prior races were burned into the “sleeve” of the trophy. The first one is made of solid Koa while the others are made of solid walnut and cherry. They measure about 10 inches tall and 4 inches thick.

Ironman rophy (2) Ironman rophy (1)IMAZ Trophies (1)IMAZ Trophies (2)

One of my co-workers requested a personalized gift for her friend who completed his second Ironman event. This Ironman symbol was cut from a solid block of Paduk. His name is burned on the front and his two events, locations, and dates on the side. There is additional room on each side for future events to be added upon completion.

IronMan 1

Little League Board of Director Plaque

The local Little League Baseball Organization asked for a plaque that holds enough “Baseball Sized” photo cards for the 25 Board of Directors. This is made of Red Oak and woodburned at the top.

Little Leage Plaque for site