Wooden Rings

A co-worker of mine wanted a wooden ring for his wife and one for himself. He asked for dark wood for her. The smaller ring is made from Ziracote and maple. The second ring, made of Bloodwood and Ebony was designed specifically with the colors of his Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. The Greek letters are woodburned into it.

McClain Rings (3)McClain Rings (2) McClain Rings (1)


The ring creations below are one for my mother and one for my pinky. Mom’s is made of pink ivory and purpleheart, while mine is made of Macassar Ebony and yellowheart.

ebony ring (1) ebony ring (3) ebony ring (2)

Moms Ring (3)Moms Ring (2) Moms Ring (3)

Since making my two rings in the last few weeks, my wife asked about a thumb ring. She helped pick out the woods and helped with the design. This is purple heart and ebony. The wood burned cross matches the design I put on mine.

Thumb Ring 1 (1) Thumb Ring 1 (2)Thumb Ring 3

Here is the latest ring I finished in July 2015. This ring uses several small sheets of thin purpleheart, mahogany, and paduk. the swirl pattern was create by twisting the sheets prior to glue up. The cross is woodburned. I hope you like it.

Cross Ring 1cross ring 2cross ring 3


After making the bracelets and seeing my wife’s cousin’s wooden wedding rings, I decided to use the same process that I used for bracelets to make a ring. This is made of about 10 layers of canarywood and turned on the lathe. This one is on my hand and I think that I will wear it for a while so that I can test its durability.

ring 2 ring 3 ring 4