RISK Game Board with Rolling Boxes

Now this is one of my most useful things I have ever built for myself. I am a RISK dork….I love the game. The best games have 6 players who barely fit around the cardboard gameboard that comes with any set. Rolling the dice is a real problem since the game pieces are all over the board. I designed this board by woodburning an exact replica of the gameboard (blown up to about 200%) and added boxes for rolling dice on each end. This board has hosted many 6-player games that last for hours at a time.

Risk Board (2)Risk Board (3)Risk Board (1)



Tri-Fold Display Board
This gentleman called to inquire about this project. He was looking for a tri-fold freestanding unit that can display multiple 8 1/2 X 11 pages. He wanted it to fold away for storage.
This is made of solid maple with chrome hinges and matching chrome mounting hardware. The plexiglass is screwed down with spacers to lift it away from the board for ease of loading and unloading pages.

D and D photo frame for siteD and D photo frame for site 3D and D photo frame for site 2